The story of a piece of Basalt stone

The legend says that Bolo do Caco (bread baked on the fire) was made with wheat,  in a round and flattened form and it was cooked on the top of a  basalt stone the “caco” on heated coals.
Now it is possible to find “Bolo do caco”  in almost all of the corners of Funchal, in kiosks, served in different ways with garlic butter, with thin steaks (called “Prego no Bolo do Caco”) or with ‘chorizo’ sausage.

Great for a light lunch, or as a snack before our trips. We remind you that you can take your snacks on board, but we also have a few snacks and drinks available, in case you feel peckish after a stop for a swim in Cabo Girão.