Our Activities


In Winter, the desire to go swimming is not very strong! Although Madeira has a temperate climate, the air temperature along the coast is always lower, therefore we do not promote swimming in the Winter.

Summer however, is completely different! The calm waves of the Atlantic overflow with invitations to visitors to experience sea temperatures of above 20º. From June to September we stop for swimming during our Whale and Dolphin watching and Sunset excursions. From May to October our swimming season begins, so to speak, with our Desert Island and ‘Fajãs’ full day trips.


First we head out to sea, then we try our utmost so that our expertise, nature and the marine life line up to offer us sightings of the cetaceans. Snorkelling then comes to mind and it’s time to experience the warmer waters this side of the North Atlantic.

Normally an activity that attracts and delights all ages! Snorkeling equipment is supplied free of charge.

Standup paddle

As part of our longer excursions to the Desert Islands and Fajãs, we offer our guests the chance to experiment, free of charge, a relaxing sport that has been on the crest of the wave for a while now. We supply a special board and oar to enable guests to experience a different perspective of the islands and, of course, always accompanied by a monitor to guide and teach when need be.

Guaranteed Sight

On most days, nature has the azimuth tuned to see marine animals in all their splendor. However, there are (rare) days even with all our crew experience and know-how can sync with free swimming of dolphins and whales. Therefore, if we can not show you cetaceans on the ‘Whale Watching’ and ‘Sunset’ tours, we offer you the 2nd trip *.

The offer of this second trip is personal and non-transferable and the guarantee is lifelong.

* From June to September 15, the courtesy trip will be held at our availability.