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Bow Riding Dolphins!

We had a great morning trip, spending time watching common bottlenose dolphins and even enjoying them bow-riding the front of the catamaran! We also spotted a loggerhead turtle. I was very impressed when the crew stopped several times to pick up floating plastics and they were very aware of not disturbing the dolphins by chasing them around. Catamaran was spotless and staff friendly. Recommended!

Emma M

Great ethical company

Was a great tour the crew were friendly. We saw pilot whales, bottle nose dolphins and a sun fish. What was great is that they strictly stuck to the rules and let the animals come to us and observed the 10 minute rule when with the animals which many other tours don’t. They are clearly interested in promoting eco tourism and as such I can recommend.


Dolphin Watching

Brilliant morning watching dolphins, and much to everyone's surprise a Monk Seal was spotted on our way back to the marina.


Fantastic trip

We booked the 3hr afternoon catamaran trip. We were blown away with seeing a large quantity of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales and incredibly also loggerhead turtles and Portugese man o' war jellyfish. The dolphins put on an amazing display alongside the catamaran. The crew were friendly and very knowledgeable.If you're thinking of doing a catamaran trip then I would really recommend VMT as not only do they do a brilliant trip, they also reaĺly care about the wildlife and environmental and collect plastic and other rubbish out of the sea during the trip and are the only company to do this. The ticket also includes a yellow bus ticket to the marina.Book it - I'm sure you won't be disappointed and even though obviously sightings can't be guaranteed,this company will do their best to find wildlife and employ a "spotter" on the top deck.

Jane H

Exciting afternoon on the water

We saw a turtle as we left harbour - and then several bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales out at sea. This was exciting as sightings can't be guaranteed. We woke up that morning due to sail at 10.30 but there was a thick fog. VMT called us to say we wouldn't sail but offered us the chance to cancel or go out that afternoon at 3. We chose to go and the weather was great. After seeing the various sea life, we sailed west along the coast to Cap Gerao and then back to harbour with views along the coast. Our vessel was VMT's largest catamaran and it was not full, with plenty of space for us all to look out. Plenty of cover. The crew were great, regularly telling us what was happening and walking round to talk to us. The ship had a nice bar with very reasonably priced drinks. One of the crew took photos and so we bought one as a nice memento of the trip. There was no pressure to have a picture taken or to buy it. We felt safe and well looked after. VMT deserve their good reviews, and I would highly recommend them. A tip - the check-in booth is not in the main marina (where VMT do have a shop and ticket office), but the next dock along where the tripper boats are all moored.



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