A trip at ‘banana temperature’

The banana of Madeira, known as “dwarf” banana, arrived in Madeira around the 16th century, but it is only from the 17th century that more was learnt about this exotic product, from the acquaintance of foreigners, who were dazzled by the delicious fruit.

Bananas are planted mainly on the south of the island, because it is there that the conditions are ideal for their production, more accurately between the level of the sea and an elevation of 300 meters in altitude.

Banana trees have a high production level in regions with high temperatures throughout the year, with monthly averages between 24ºC and 29ºC, and can develop satisfactorily in places where temperature limits are 15ºC and go up to 35ºC. Temperatures below 15ºC paralyse plant activity.

The social, environmental and landscaped impact that this culture offers us, can be observed during our trips in the most extreme places where the banana is planted, which have gained different flavours due to the volcanic soil of the island.