Wine that has stood the test of time

The perfect harmony of sweetness, acidity and alcohol together with the local grape of excellent quality, is the secret of our Madeira Wine. The aged barrels, made  with wood from  the island, remind us of the flavours of the sea.

The Madeiran wine was essentially produced to supply  the ships, on their various routes, and, thanks to the presence of the English on the island, Madeira wine began to be known throughout Europe, thus becoming the favourite at banquets and refined dinner tables of European courts and their colonies.

The barrelled wine became known as “Vinho de Roda” (wine route) or “Torna Viagem” due to trade and was also used as ballast in the holds of ships and caravels that followed the routes to the east and to the west. It is also important to mention that the Independence of the United States of America was toasted with Madeira Wine on the 4th of July, 1776!

It is thus a wine for all “good” occasions, so it is available on any of our trips in semi-sweet, sweet, médium-dry or dry format. Now imagine that you are drinking this delicious wine while watching a fantastic colourful sunset, with a breathtaking landscape.  We look forward to your visit!