The ocean of today… The marine reality

Marine pollution has a lot to tell… From plastic and paper to big oil spills. Humanity sometimes does not have the capacity and notion of the tragic consequences that sea pollution cause sea life and the environment.

Here are some examples!

Oil spills are perhaps the biggest tragedy in animal life, because when oil comes into contact with water, it does not mix, creating a layer on the surface of the water. This results in a lack of solar light penetration, and  does not allow species such as algae and seaweed to perform photosynthesis and they die. The water becomes poor in oxygen and nutrients.

Another example of pollution is the accumulation of garbage, mostly plastic. A lot of sea turtles die every year from suffocation, due to the fact of confusing plastic bags with jelly-fish.

VMT Madeira’s crew are extremely concerned with sea pollution. There are different recycling bins available in both the office and on the boats.  If the crew find trash in the ocean during the trips, they collect it and also try to promote  ecology awareness on board. When the winds are favourable, the engines are switched off and the sails are hoisted, providing a unique experience without engine noise, and at the same time reducing carbon dioxide emissions. VMT Madeira are leaders in this aspect. For futher information about our code of conduct, you can access our website (  or speak to our staff in the office or on board.