For those who fly over our ocean

Sea birds are fascinating when observed. The sea is their main habitat and source of food. They are able to dive quite deep (depending on the specie) in their pursuit of food.

Sea birds are divided into groups of: coastal sea birds, which are generally found on the beaches and sea front, and the oceanic sea birds that are to be found usually on the high sea. In our archipelago it is possible to catch sight of various species of sea birds, such as Bulwer’s Petrel, Shearwater, Zino’s Petrel, Desertas Petrel, White-faced Storm Petrel amongst others.

Any of these species only produce one egg and the average lifespan is about 40 years.

Every year about 200.000 seabirds die, due to fishing nets, long-lines and trawler fishing, in European seas, therefore they are vigorously protected on Madeira Island.